Honda Civic Named Top Overall Ethnic Vehicle for 2018

Earlier this year, on the eve of the 2019 North American International Auto Show, the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers (NAMAD) held a special ceremony in Detroit to recognize top-performing automotive brands that are driving sales with multicultural consumers. 

NAMAD presented awards to automotive brands whose vehicles had the highest number of new-vehicle registrations among African-American, Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander, Native American, and LGBT drivers based on market data from IHS Markit. Honda was awarded four Diversity Volume Leadership Awards, including the most sought-after Diversity Volume Leadership honor—the Top Overall Ethnic Vehicle, an honor bestowed upon the Honda Civic. 

This is the second straight year the Civic has earned the top honor, and the third consecutive year that Honda has taken the title. Although the overall automotive market has a seen a shift toward the crossover segment, sedans still rank high on the shopping lists of minority buyers. This most likely has a lot to do with choice, as Marc Bland, IHS Markit’s vice president of diversity and inclusion, states, “The brands that are offering the most choice, I think, are going to win in the long run because of this freedom of choice.”

In addition to celebrating automotive brands that are driving sales leadership with ethnic consumers, NAMAD also aims to address and educate the automotive industry on the necessity of nurturing a dealer body that reflects the United States’ diverse population. As NAMAD president Damon Lester states, “Some thirty percent of new vehicle purchases are made by multicultural consumers but only six percent of dealerships are minority owned. That means 18,000 dealerships exist in the USA and just 1,100 are minority owned.”

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