The Benefits of Honda’s Extended Warranty

Who likes paying for costly repairs? No one. Who likes reduced routine automotive maintenance costs? Everyone! If you’re like everyone (and no one), then be sure to check out Honda’s extended warranties available through Honda Care.

Honda’s extended warranties are cost-effective ways to keep your Honda up and running long after its original bumper-to-bumper warranty has expired. 

What is a Honda Extended Warranty?

Honda Extended Warranties offer more services and coverage than original warranties and help reduce costs on replacements and repairs if you follow Honda’s recommended maintenance schedule. 

What are the key Honda Extended Warranty takeaways?

  • Coverage is provided for up to 8 years or 120,000 miles.
  • Warranties can be purchased at any time before a Honda vehicle hits the 3-year or 36,000 mile mark.
  • Includes 24-hour roadside assistance and towing services.
  • Provides extensive component coverage for Honda parts, including coverage for hybrid batteries.
  • Special financing is available (includes 0% interest payment).
  • The extended warranty is transferable.
  • All warranty work must be done at an authorized Honda dealership.

What warranty plans are available?

The four primary vehicle protection plans include:

  • New Vehicle Coverage
  • Pre-Owned Vehicle Coverage
  • Certified Additional Coverage, and 
  • Powertrain Coverage for pre-owned vehicles.

To learn more about the specifics of each warranty plan, meet with a member of our Dublin Honda sales team. We’d be happy to review coverage details and costs. Plus, if you choose to purchase an extended warranty, we’ll help you secure a financing rate that works within your budget. 

Anything else?

Honda’s extended warranty component coverage is a pretty big deal. Component coverage includes: 

  • electronics (computers and electrical systems) 
  • chassis (suspension, steering, brakes)
  • heating / air conditioning systems
  • upgrade parts (e.g., audio, navigation, security, etc)

Plus, some plans also cover routine oil changes. And, when it comes to pre-owned vehicles, Honda Care offers a powertrain options that extends coverage to:

  • the engine,
  • drive axels, and
  • transmission.

This type of extended coverage is a great way to protect yourself from paying more for parts such as seals and gaskets, which tend to wear down more quickly in older vehicles. 

And one more thing, in addition to 24-hour roadside assistance, Honda Care extended warranties also include a designated Concierge Service to help you deal with emergency travel issues, such as:

  • airline ticket assistance
  • cash advances
  • insurance claims
  • coverage for meals and lodging ($100/day)
  • rental car reimbursement ($35/day)

For more information on Honda Care and Honda’s available extended warranties, stop by our Dublin, CA Honda dealership and speak with a member of our Honda sales team.