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The Honda CabinControl App for Honda Odyssey

With the Honda CabinControl app, passengers can control certain features in the Honda Odyssey directly from their phone. Up to seven passengers can use CabinControl at any one time and control features such as audio, rear entertainment (if available), and rear climate control. Plus, passengers can create a social playlist that combines songs stored on each one of their phones. CabinControl improves the ride quality of passengers by giving them more control of their ride experience, and improves the ride quality of the driver by allowing them to focus on one thing — driving.

Right now, the Honda CabinControl app is available for Odyssey models with display audio only. To start using it in your Odyssey, first download the app from the App Store or from Google Play. Then follow the steps below to pair your phone to CabinControl.

Step 1. Turn on the CabinControl Feature. 

To do this select the Settings App on your Honda Odyssey’s touchscreen, then select Connections > CabinControl > Options. Confirm that CabinControl is ON. If it is OFF, simply select CabinControl and tap the ON button.

Step 2. Connect your smartphone to your Odyssey’s WiFi.

Press the Options button on the CabinControl screen, then press Connection Information. This screen will display your vehicle’s network name and password, which you will have to input into your smartphone. You only need to connect your phone once, it will automatically reconnect each time. 

Note: If you own a Touring or Elite model Odyssey, there is a different network name and password when you have your Odyssey’s hotspot turned on. If you have your hotspot turned on and your passenger wish to use CabinControl, then they will need to connect using your hotspot network name and password. 

If you run into any difficulties connecting your smartphone to your Honda Odyssey or have any questions about the CabinControl feature, swing by our Dublin Honda dealership and meet with a member of our Honda sales team. Be sure to bring your smartphone with you and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

Happy driving!