When Should You Return Your Car Lease?

One of the most common questions I hear is: “When should I return my leased car?” The quick answer: When your lease is up, of course! The insider answer: Start thinking about returning your lease about 18 months before it ends.

People often get worried about early termination fees when they return their lease before the end of the contract, but there are actually many more positives to bringing your car in early. In particular, you can take advantage of any early lease return deals that your dealer may offer. Early lease returns, also called pull-ahead offers, can be incentives toward new vehicles, monthly payment reductions, and much more.
There are also tons of new lease specials popping up all the time. Make sure to keep a look out for a lease special on a model that you really want. Car manufacturers will offer specials on certain models, but not all models all the time. Check out your monthly Dublin Honda email for lease specials or go to dublinhonda.com/honda-incentives to see what lease specials we are currently offering and find the best deal for you.
So don’t wait until the last minute to bring your leased vehicle back to the dealer, hop on those awesome deals while you can!
While there are many options about what you can do after you return your lease, remember that all the options are pretty simple. No matter what you decide to do with your leased vehicle, always keep in mind that it’s totally your decision whether to lease a new car or buy the car you were already leasing. But if you have questions, do not hesitate to call Dublin Honda and speak with the experts about your best course of action.
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