How To Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

Your vehicle is connected to the road by its tires, making it essential to have tires with proper inflation and tread depth. Good tires are able to grip the road, helping your car brake quickly, accelerate smoothly and stay in control. Over time, tire pressure fluctuates, and the tread on your tires wears down. Cold weather also causes tire pressure to drop. Monitoring tire tread and tire pressure alert you to when it is time to care for your tires so you can drive safer, especially on slick winter roads.

Our quick video makes it easy to learn how to check your tire pressure and tire tread depth. And if you find your car’s tires are under / over-inflated or worn down, visit Dublin Honda for a free, professional inspection.

Service and Parts Specials for a Smoother Drive

Honda Tire Special

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Wheel Alignment Special

Service includes:

  • Computerized alignment inspection
  • Rotate and balance tires
  • Adjust toe, thrust, camber, and caster
  • Center steering wheel
  • Inspect tire tread
  • Adjust tire pressure
  • Car wash


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